Legend to Maps

Where possible without ambiguity, the maps use the same symbols that NetHack itself uses in the ASCII tty interface (and documented in the Guidebook). The symbols used in the Gazetteer are as follows:

| -  Vertical or horizontal walls       .    Open floor
<    An upstair or upladder             >    A downstair or downladder
+    A door (open or closed)            ^    A trap or magic portal
}    A pool or moat                     {    A fountain
_    An altar                           \    A throne
B    Iron bars                          C    A cloud
D    A drawbridge (open or closed)      I    Ice
K    A sink                             L    Lava
S    A secret door                      T    A tree
%    Food items                         ?    Scrolls
!    Potions                            *    Gems
`    A boulder or statue

Unless otherwise specified, blank space represents solid rock; lowercase letters are labels for special rooms, or else 'x marks the spot'.

NetHack 3.4 Spoilers
Dylan O'Donnell (psmith@spod-central.org)