2018-08-22:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade (SSH vulnerability)
2018-07-17:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade (Reboot, new kernel)
2018-06-25:	Upgrade to Debian 8.11.
2018-06-11:	Changed SSH access policy. Please contact me if you have
		issues on logging in.
2018-05-04:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade (Reboot, new kernel)
2018-04-23:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade
2018-04-04:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade (SSL, Apache)
2018-03-29:	Renewed official SSL certificate
2018-01-09:     Upgrade to Debian 8.10 - reboot for Meltdown fix
2017-11-14:	Upgrade to Debian 8.9.
2017-11-10:	New backup cycle: 7 days incremental backups from now on.
2017-08-23:	Move to new hardware was successful. Upgrade to Debian 8.9
2017-05-19:	Upgrade to Debian 8.8.
2017-05-03:	Switched to an official certificate.
2017-05-02:	Updated SSL certificates.
2017-02-03:	Reset the machine at 00:10. After machine coming up
		02:00 we experienced a DOS attack from two different
		IPs. At around 09:45 both IPs stopped attacking.
2017-02-02:	Kernel crash at 18:35.
2017-01-25:	Upgrade to Debian 8.7.
2017-01-01:	apt-get dist-upgrade
2016-10-31:	Routing troubles since 10:00, fixed since 10:25.
2016-09-29:	Upgrade to Debian 8.6.
2016-06-05:     Upgrade to Debian 8.5.
2016-04-03:     Upgrade to Debian 8.4.
2016-02-14:     Heavy problems with the new Debian OS. Downgraded kernel
                to 3.2 from Wheezy. initrd support is now in arcboot -
                so no custom kernel necessary. Added second disk for
2016-02-11:     Upgrade finished: we are running the latest version of
                Debian Jessie (8.3) now.
2016-02-10:     Upgrading daemon.
2016-02-08:     We hit a kernel bug. Had to reset the machine.
2015-09-29:     Downtime since app. 18:30 due to a power spike in the
                datacenter ... we are back since 30. September 12:35.
2015-05-20:     Since 6:00 offline because nethack.at domain was not 
                available. Since 14:40 we are up again.
2015-03-16:     Fixed SSL Freak attack.
2014-10-01:     Shellshock bug fixed.
2014-09-29:     Security apt-get dist-upgrade.
2014-05-14:     Security apt-get dist-upgrade.
2013-11-14:     Security apt-get dist-upgrade.
2013-08-02:     Security apt-get dist-upgrade.
2013-07-10:     New SCSI disk installation failed - kernel panic ...
2013-06-06:     First SCSI disk died - kernel panic because of swap.
                Downtime from 15:55 to 19:50.
2013-04-21:     Renewed SSL certificates.
2013-04-16:     Security apt-get dist-upgrade.
2013-04-07:     daemon.nethack.at moved to a new location: we are now at
                Interxion within the APA (Austrian Press Agency)
                colocation at the strg.at rack.
2013-01-25:     Security apt-get dist-upgrade.
2013-01-22:     We were offline from 12:00 - 13:50 because of networking
                troubles ...
2012-08-16:     Security apt-get dist-upgrade.
2012-04-01:     Security apt-get dist-upgrade.
2012-01-30:     Security apt-get dist-upgrade.
2011-11-29:     PI space from strg.at is announced again since 10:00 -
                we are back online again.
2011-11-28:     PI space from strg.at was not announced since 21:57 ...
                daemon is offline!
2011-10-27:     Security apt-get dist-upgrade.
2011-10-10:     Security apt-get dist-upgrade.
2011-09-09:     Security apt-get dist-upgrade (apache, libnss).
2011-09-19:     Security apt-get dist-upgrade.
2011-09-09:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade (apache, libnss).
2011-09-02:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade (new apache package).
2011-08-12:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade.
2011-07-27:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade.
2011-06-27:	Again moved daemon to a new location: the machine is now
		located in strg.at's rack @Inode.
2011-06-27:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade (Debian 6.0.2)
2011-06-17:	daemon moved to a new location.
2011-05-30:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade (bind).
2011-05-24:	alpine is now part of the base system. Removed the self
		compiled binary in /usr/local/bin.
2011-05-22:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade.
2011-05-20:	Kernel was left in endless oops loop. Machine had to be
		reset (thx pino). Set the value for vm.min_free_kbytes to 
		12 MB ... Let's see if that works ...
2011-05-19:	Upgrade to Debian/Squeeze done. Another reboot for the
		freshly crosscompiled linux-kernel :)
2011-05-18:	Disk is here! Unfortunately hot swapping the disk did
		not work :( Had to do a reboot of daemon. The disk is 
		configured and resync is now in progress.
2011-05-13:	Finally had the time to buy a new hard disk for the
		failed raid1 array.
2011-05-11:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade.
2011-04-15:	SCSI disk with ID 2 died.
2011-04-13:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade.
2011-02-07:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade.
2011-01-22:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade.
2010-07-20:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade.
2010-07-18:	Kernel crash at around 2:00 in the morning. The new
		kernel did not boot, had to choose the older one.
2010-07-04:	Our UPS is broken :( That is the reason why we had a
		short power outage and daemon rebooted.
2010-05-25:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade.
2010-04-18:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade.
2010-03-29:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade.
2010-03-12:	Since 1:30 in the morning until 10:20 our uplink was
2010-02-23:	Wrong kernel sources, cross compiled the kernel.
2010-02-22:	Upgrade to Debian/Lenny done!
2010-02-21:	Today: upgrade to Debian/Lenny!
2010-01-24:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade.
2010-01-22:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade.
2009-12-09:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade.
2009-11-16:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade.
2009-10-08:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade.
2009-09-22:	We are not backing up via amanda but with rsync instead.
2009-09-16:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade.
2009-09-08:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade.
2009-08-01:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade.
2009-07-30:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade.
2009-07-17:	daemon.nethack.at welcomes balag.org :)
2009-07-16:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade plumps holes in apache.
2009-07-15:	Due to maintenance work at the providers network,
		daemon.nethack.at wasn't available from 01:00 until 
		09:00 in the morning.
2009-06-01:	The disk which has had S.M.A.R.T. errors caused problems
		on the RAID 1 Arrays. Resynced the failed partitions.
2009-05-13:	Network unavailability from 15:30 to 16:15.
2009-04-28:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade fixes remote apt 
2009-04-21:	Finally renewed the SSL zertificates on
		daemon.nethack.at ....
2009-04-17:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade. Added ix.dnsbl.manitu.net
		to our RBL list. This should reduce the spam amount.
2009-04-15:	Applied stricter SMTP compliance to avoid the huge
		amount of spam.
2009-04-06:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade.
2009-03-04:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade.
2009-02-10:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade.
2009-02-04:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade.
2009-01-05:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade.
2008-12-24:	Upgraded alpine to version 2.00.
2008-11-23:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade.
2008-11-13:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade.
2008-10-25:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade. This includes a new
		apache2 package.
2008-09-25:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade. This includes a new
		openssh package.
2008-08-26:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade. This includes a new
		postfix package.
2008-07-22:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade - new bind9 utilities.
2008-05-29:	Removed the pine -> alpine symlink since everybody
		migrated to alpine already.
2008-05-25:	Upgrade to the latest kernel patchlevel. A reboot was
2008-05-24:	Security update for openssh. Regenerated DSA/RSA host
		keys. See http://www.debian.org/security/2008/dsa-1576
		for more details. A signed email has been sent to all
		shell users for instructions.
2008-04-30:	Security apt-get dist-upgrade. New perl and python
2008-03-31:	Installed alpine 1.10.
2008-03-26:	apt-get dist-upgrade. New unzip package.
2008-02-20:	apt-get dist-upgrade. New apache2 packages installed.
2008-02-17:	Upgrade to the latest kernel patchlevel. A reboot was
2008-01-03:	Pine 4.64 is now EOL'ed on daemon.nethack.at. I made a
		symlink from pine to alpine.
2007-12-25:	Installed alpine 1.0.
2007-12-07:	Installed alpine 0.999999.
2007-11-07:	Security upgrade for perl and pcre.
2007-10-16:	At 01:00 CEST the line went down as announced on
		2007-10-11. Unfortunately the modem did not resync after
		the maintenance work from our upstream provider
		finished. daemon.nethack.at was unavailable until 09:45
		in the morning, the time when the modem at the strg.at
		office was rebooted.
2007-10-14:	Around 21:00 CEST a DDoS attack on port ssh made logins
		to daemon.nethack.at impossible. Even login to the
		serial console was blocked. I had to reset the machine.
		Now a brute force denial statement in the firewall rules
		will prevent this happening again. Discussions on
		#braindead ...
2007-10-11:	On Tuesday, 16. October 2007 between 01:00 and 04:00 in
		the morning there will be short outages in network
		connectivity. Our upstream provider is doing maintenance
		work at the colocation.
2007-10-06:	We are up again at the new office from strg.at. Downtime
		was from 14:00 CEST to 17:00 CEST. daemon runs the
		latest security patched kernel.
2007-10-05:	Tomorrow saturday 6. october downtime from 14:00 to
		18:00 CEST due to move of the server to a new location.
2007-08-30:	Security upgrade for rsync.
2007-08-24:	Security updates for Debian/Etch applied.
2007-08-15:	I have removed the CNAME records for mail, imap and pop
		since it doesn't make sense anymore. Please update your
		client configurations!
2007-08-11:	Security upgrade for tcpdump.
2007-08-01:	Security upgrade for file and libmagic.
2007-07-30:	Security upgrade for bind9 libraries and tools.
2007-07-20:	Upgraded the kernel to the latest Etch release. Since we
		use RAID-1 a kernel recompile was necessary. Downtime
		was less than 5 minutes.
2007-07-17:	Upgraded alpine to 0.999. apt-get dist-upgrade: We are
		now running Debian/Etch instead of Debian/testing.
2007-07-17:	We are back on SGI O2 hardware! Downtime was from 18:30
		to 19:10 CEST, mainly for rsyncing data from the old to
		the new machine.
2007-03-26:	Another little nasty bug I found: /etc/profile was
		not sourcing ~/.profile, some people have birthday and
		plan hooked in there. This is working now.
		Updated the SSL certificates which expired on
		2007-03-23 ... sorry I didn't make it earlier ...
2007-03-21:	Postfix had a problem with postdrop not being part of
		the right group. That was the reason why sending mail 
		from pine/alpine was not possible. This is now fixed.
2007-03-16:	I decided to move daemon.nethack.at to a temporary new
		machine in order to deeply investigate the hardware
		problem. We are running now on a Intel PIV machine with
		two SATA disks on software RAID-1. Downtime was from
		01:45 to 05:45 CET. Sorry for this inconvenience.
		IMPORTANT: nethack and slashem are currently not
		working! Please do not try to open a save game!
2007-03-15:	Unfortunately the two SGI O2s friends would have lend me
		are either not available or equipped with R10000 cpus.
		Problem is not solved yet and we had a crash this
2007-03-13:	Bad luck. This didn't work either. We again have signal
		11 errors, and one Oops caused by sqwebmaild.
2007-03-13:	At about 13:30 CET I got an idea what could be the cause
		for signal 11 and kernel error messages: our first disk
		has recoverable errors. This disk is also used as a swap
		device. Although daemon.nethack.at seldom uses swap I
		have disabled the disk for swap and the signal 11
		error went away. Let's see if this was the cause.
2007-03-13:	After long experimenting with diagnostic software from
		SGI it seems, that the hardware has no errors. But
		I don't rely on this really. I'll report the results
		again to debian-mips mailing list ... stay tuned.
		Downtime was from 19:00 to 01:20 CET.
2007-03-12:	Something is wrong either with kernel or hardware.
		procmail exited with signal 11 several times. I have
		disabled procmail, please do not activate right now.
		I have tried to test the memory modules, but in every
		configuration, memtest lets the kernel generate an Oops.
		We will investigate.
2007-03-10:	Update: crosscompiled the linux kernel from the latest
		testing/unstable Debian sources.
2007-03-10:	Update: crosscompiled linux-mips.org 2.6.20 tarball,
		but the kernel stopped with ``PANIC: Unexpected
2007-03-10:	At 01:05 CET daemon.nethack.at hung in an Oops loop. I
		had to make a reboot. Machine is up again since 02:05
		CET. I'm now compiling a new kernel.
2007-03-09:	Strange things are happening ... md5sum caused an Oops
		today - I have informed the Debian kernel packagers.
		For an unknown reason the login shell /bin/bash exited
		with error so that users could not login. I have
		reinstalled bash and now everything works again.
2007-03-08:	apt-get dist-upgrade. This includes new Apache webserver
		and Postfix SMTP server packages.
2007-03-05:	Update: Packet loss was caused by a misconfigured switch
		port at the upstream providers side. Problem is solved
		as of 14:00 CET.
2007-03-05:	We experience bad connectivity since 9:40 CET: about
		20-50% packet loss. The upstream provider is already
		working on fixing this problem.
2007-03-04:	New alpine 0.83 installed.
2007-02-18:	apt-get dist-upgrade. New Courier IMAP and Sqwebmail
2007-02-04:	apt-get dist-upgrade. This includes amongst others a new
		Postfix, Courier IMAP and Sqwebmail package.
2007-01-28:	New alpine 0.82 installed.
2007-01-19:	apt-get dist-upgrade.
2007-01-08:	apt-get dist-upgrade.
2006-12-21:	daemon.nethack.at now runs on an APC UPS. This saves
		the machine if we encounter a power loss/failure.
2006-12-14:	After experimenting with alpine 0.8 and sending
		bugreports, alpine is now available on daemon.nethack.at
		with version 0.81. For more information see:
2006-12-13:	In the next days daemon.nethack.at will be shut down for
		a short maintenance time: it will be switched over to
		the new uninterruptible power supply.
2006-12-11:	apt-get dist-upgrade. New Postfix version.
2006-12-01:	apt-get dist-upgrade. This includes a new version of
2006-11-25:	apt-get dist-upgrade. Minor slashem version upgrade.
2006-11-20:	apt-get dist-upgrade.
2006-11-15:	After a long period of downtime (20:45 - 1:45 CET)
		daemon.nethack.at now runs on raid1. The main problem
		was a kernel panic which is now solved. Syncing of data
		itself took about two hours.
2006-11-14:	A short reboot to load the new self compiled kernel. It
		is the linux-mips.org kernel adopted by Debian/unstable
		with md and raid1 compiled in statically
2006-11-09:	A short reboot took place at 18:00 CET. Downtime was
		less than 15 minutes (mainly because of filesystem 
		checks). Second hard disk is now installed. Doing some
		tests (smartctl, badblocks). If all goes well, daemon gets
		a software RAID-1 setup in the near future.
2006-11-08:	apt-get dist-upgrade. Minor release change in Apache,
		sqwebmail and Courier IMAP/POP server.
2006-10-30:	apt-get dist-upgrade. This includes a new version of
		the Courier IMAP/POP server, major release change for
		the webserver Apache and many smaller enhancements to
		the system.
2006-10-20:	apt-get dist-upgrade. New OpenSSH package.
2006-10-10:	apt-get dist-upgrade. This fixes holes in openssl and
2006-09-24:	apt-get dist-upgrade.
2006-08-24:	apt-get dist-upgrade. This includes upgrade of dancer-ircd,
		courier IMAP/POP3 server, Apache webserver, OpenSSH
		server, slrn package.
2006-08-03:	daemon.nethack.at was moved to a new location: from the
		7th district in vienna to the 6th district. All services
		are up again as of 22:00 CET.
2006-07-28:	apt-get dist-upgrade. This includes new tex packages,
		mutt and many more.
2006-07-07:	Major upgrade. This includes the following packages:
		courier IMAP/POP, sqwebmail, mc, ssh server, slrn, and
2006-07-03:	The disk has encountered errors but repaired them by
		itself via SMART - but it is not happy about this and 
		complains, that the disk may have further problems. I'm 
2006-06-19:	apt-get dist-upgrade. This includes new bitchx and zsh
2006-06-01:	apt-get dist-upgrade.
2006-05-25:	daemon.nethack.at has now its own backup server:
		archon.nethack.at! Incremental dumps are done via amanda
		for the ability to restore 14 days back. This machine
		is also a Debian/GNU Linux based MIPS machine: the
		hardware is a SGI Indigo2.
2006-05-17:	apt-get dist-upgrade.
2006-04-29:	Update: The conversion to the new machine (SGI O2, MIPS
		R5K CPU, 1GB RAM, 73 GB SCSI disk) went smoothly. All
		services are up again as of 22:45 CET. Enjoy the much
		faster machine :)
		Another note: I finally changed the SMTP server from
		qmail to postfix. If you encounter any problems please
		send me an email!
2006-04-29:	Today evening: hardware upgrade for daemon.nethack.at!!
		Downtime app. from 18:00 to 21:00 CET.
2006-04-27:	apt-get dist-upgrade.
2006-04-11:	apt-get dist-upgrade.
2006-03-23:	apt-get dist-upgrade.
2006-03-14:	apt-get dist-upgrade. This includes new dancer-ircd,
		mutt, perl, tar (security hole), vim and zsh package.
2006-02-25:	Halting the machine started at 14:14. Power up with the
		32 bit kernel at 16:10. Unfortunatly the 64 bit kernel
		did not load. For join #brainead please use:
		/server daemon.nethack.at!
2006-02-24:	On Saturday 2006-02-25 there will be a maintenance
		window from 14:00 to approximatly 18:00 CET. Downtime
		itself should be short, but shell access will be
		disabled. Read the admin mail for further information.
2006-02-20:	Between 2:15 and 2:30 CET a routing problem occured.
		Cause is unknown.
2006-02-10:	lighttpd builds fine, the SSL problem is solved
		setenv.add-environment = ("HTTPS" => "on") was missing.
		Unfortunatly there is a SSI problem which is specific
		to this platform. Since strace is not working properly
		here, the new webserver is a future project :)
2006-02-09:	We are experiencing bad connectivity as of 11:20 CET.
		Update: problem seems to be gone as of 11:30.
2006-02-08:	A scheduled switch upgrade at the colocation of our
		backbone provider caused a downtime between 03:15 and
		04:00 CET.
2006-01-31:	lighttpd is now buildable, but sqwebmail still does not
		work as tested on a qemu image. If it works as expected
		in a future release, I'll give it a try.
2006-01-30:	lighttpd is not buildable as a deb package since -dev
		packages are missing in debian/testing although I did
		a apt-get dist-upgrade. We have new packages instead :)
		lighttpd in the actual version is not usable (has bugs).
2006-01-30:	Removed smokeping: speedy uses too much RAM and we don't
		have enough. I'm planning to do a conversion from
		apache2 to lighttpd to gain more free RAM too. Please
		stand by ...
2006-01-27:	apt-get dist-upgrade. This includes new apache2, irssi,
		mutt and vim packages.
2006-01-04:	Installed a new mutt-ng package (r655).
2005-12-25:	apt-get dist-upgrade. This includes a new apache2
2005-12-04:	apt-get dist-upgrade.
2005-11-22:	apt-get dist-upgrade.
2005-11-16:	Upgraded mutt-ng.
2005-11-14:	apt-get dist-upgrade.
2005-11-09:	Relaunch of http://daemon.nethack.at. Thx to pino for
		the great design!
2005-11-05:	apt-get dist-upgrade.
2005-11-02:	Upgraded pine to version 4.64.
2005-10-31:	Network was down from 2:00 until 4:30.
2005-10-30:	Yet another routing problem. Network was down from 23:00
		to 00:00 CET.
2005-10-30:	Routing problems accured between 10:25 and 10:50 CET.
2005-10-27:	Network was down from 23:30 to 00:30 CET.
2005-10-24:	apt-get dist-upgrade, including new courier packages
		(IMAP/POP3), sqwebmail, smokeping, perl and many others.
2005-10-14:	apt-get dist-upgrade.
2005-09-25:	apt-get dist-upgrade including new bash3, courier
2005-09-21:	Disabled qmail-smtpds callback check.
2005-09-16:	Installed a new mutt-ng package from the debain mirror.
2005-09-11:	apt-get dist-upgrade.
2005-09-08:	Update: username@daemon.nethack.at is now also a valid
		"rcpt to:" address.
2005-09-08:	Upgraded qmail to support a variety of new features.
		Most of them are DNS and spam related: If the EHLO/HELO
		hostname does not resolve, it rejects the message. Qmail
		now only accepts resolveable "mail from:" adresses.
		"rcpt to:" addresses are looked up in /etc/aliases.cdb,
		if they do not exist, they are rejected on SMTP level.
		Addresses in the form of user@daemon.nethack.at are only
		accepted from localhost and if the user has
		authenticated itself via SMTP-AUTH to the system.
2005-09-07:	apt-get dist-upgrade. Many new packages including
		courier-imap, sqwebmail, slrn, tin, libc6, etc.
2005-08-26:	Installed snownews. A text based RSS reader.
2005-08-22:	On 25.08.2005 in the time between 0:00 and 4:00 CET
		daemon.nethack.at will not be available due to upgrades
		at the upstream providers SDSL colocation.
2005-08-08:	apt-get dist-upgrade.
2005-07-29:	Temperature here in Vienna is much too high (about
		37 degrees Celsius).
		I setup a temporary disk ventilation for cooling the
		disk which almost has been 50 degrees Celsius high. 
		Now we are running at 38 - 40 degrees Celsius disk 
		temperature (Thanks to smartctl and the porting to 
		the MIPS architecture I'm able to get these values).
2005-07-29:	Today is sysadminday :)
2005-07-28:	apt-get dist-upgrade.
2005-07-18:	apt-get dist-upgrade.
2005-06-28:	apt-get dist-upgrade. Many updated packages with major
		version changes (like bash-2.05 -> bash-3.00, perl-5.8.4
		-> 5.8.7, etc.), new ca-certificates.
2005-06-07:	apt-get dist-upgrade.
2005-06-02:	apt-get dist-upgrade. This includes: a new apache
		version, new mutt package.
2005-06-01:	http://daemon.nethack.at protests against software
		patents in europe.
2005-05-30:	Upgraded pine to version 4.63.
2005-05-18:	Made a debian package out of the mutt-ng sources (thx to
		pooz for debugging my debian/rules). The executable is
		now in a standard location.
2005-05-14:	Installed mutt-ng (/usr/local/muttng/bin/muttng) mainly
		for the sidebar and the IMAP header_cache feature.
		Check it out and enjoy!
2005-05-10:	We had a power failure at the office. The downtime
		was from 11:40 to 13:40 CET.
2005-05-06:	apt-get distupgrade. This includes:
		New apache and mutt.
2005-03-27:	Upgraded pine to 4.62.
2005-03-23:	Upgraded to the latest stable 2.4 kernel.
2005-03-23:	Made whole clearup of the self compiled packages:
		Apache2, Courier, Sqwebmail, ssh are now all Debian
2005-03-23:	Installed mutt-1.5.6 for better gpg support.
2005-03-23:	Installed a new certificate for daemon.nethack.at.
		Please install the root CA from strg.at
		(http://strg.at/support/strg.at_CA.crt) in order to
		trust all certificates created by that authority.
		Furthermore https://mail.nethack.at is not supported
		anymore, use https://daemon.nethack.at instead!
2005-03-11:	Upgraded OpenSSH to 4.0.
2005-02-25:	Installed some rrd gathering tools. They are accessible
		via http://daemon.nethack.at/rrd.
2005-02-22:	http://daemon.nethack.at/support/putty/putty.exe
		has been updated to 0.57. If you are using putty, please
		update to this version - all prior versions are
2005-02-09:	Upgrade of apache2.
2004-11-16:	We have a new backup server. Nothing changed in
		its setup: we still have 28 days incremental backup.
		New is: we have a backup of the whole system and not
		only userhomes/nethack save games.
2004-09-26:	Upgraded apache to 2.0.51.
2004-09-03:	Machine has been put into our rack.
2004-08-31:	Machine moved to a new location: the office of strg.at.
2004-08-29:	Server unexpectedly crashed at 8:00 CET. Cause
2004-08-02:	Our upstreams providers core router crashed with
		hardware failure. The router has been changed recently
		(see posting below). Downtime from 17:20 CET to 19:45.
2004-07-29:	A router upgrade at our upstream provider caused a
		downtime of over 6 hours (from 2004-07-28 22:50 CET
		to 2004-07-29 05:30 CET).
2004-07-15:	Upgraded apache to 2.0.50 and pine to 4.60.
2004-07-11:	Upgraded the Linux kernel to 2.4.26.
2004-06-28:	Since we are getting quite a lot of spam recently the
		decision was made to set up a RBL system. Currently
		the http://www.spamhaus.org filter is used.
2004-06-26:	Since 11:50 CET we have a very bad connectivity. This is
		not a problem of this line but rather a problem of all
		SDSL users connected via comquest.eu.com/sil.at.
2004-06-25:	At about 19:15 CET our backbone provider lost one of the
		interfaces of a main core router. Massive routing
		problems occured. The problem finished at 21:15 CET.
2004-06-22:	We have a new sqwebmail version.
2004-05-27:	Due to a planned reboot of the core router of our
		upstream provider the line was down from 6:30 to 6:45.
2004-05-04:	We have a new kernel since tmpfs was missing.
2004-05-03:	We have a new iptables firewalling script.
2004-05-02:	The new iptables script is fixed.
2004-05-02:	I made a iptables firewall script update and screwed it.
		Be patient, I will fix it.
2004-04-27:	Problems ends at 14:20 CET. Reason: a customer of our
		upstream provider dumped the net with lots of packets
		which were looping between routers.
2004-04-27:	Starting with 13:05 CET we experience massive routing
2004-04-26:	Upgraded openssh to 3.8.1p1.
2004-04-20:	Upgraded openssh to 3.8p1.
2004-04-20:	Machine is up and running with a fresh new kernel. This
		new kernel supports ACL. See getfacl(1) and setfacl(1)
		for more details.
2004-04-19:	At approximatly 00:00 CET a next reboot of the machine will
		be necessary. The kernel tried at 21:00 CET unfortunatly
		crashed :(
2004-04-19:	At approximatly 21:00 CET a reboot of the machine will
		be necessary.
2004-04-06:	A short (< 5 minutes) outage of the line which could be
		fixed shortly after SMS notification. Seems like a
		hungup of the modem. We are investigating.
2004-03-20:	Upgraded Apache to 2.0.49.
2004-03-17:	Upgraded sqwebmail from 3.4.0 to 4.0.1. Some new
		features are available. See
		Ok, our bad connectivity seems to be fixed!
2004-03-11:	I got an answer from our upstream provider and he told
		me that he is looking after to fix the bad connectivity
		within this week.
2004-03-11:	Upgraded courier-imap from 1.7.1 to 3.0.1.
2004-03-10:	Since 18:00 CET we are experiencing *really* bad
		connectivity here at beingasse. See our smokeping graph
		at http://daemon.nethack.at/cgi-bin/smokeping.cgi.
2004-02-25:	Upgraded mutt-1.4.2 to
2004-02-16:	Modem hung up. Reason unknown. Line was down from 9:55
		to 10:15 CET.
2004-02-12:	Line was down from 17:35 to 18:35 CET. A power failure
		at the providers carrier colocation was the cause.
2004-02-11:	Upgraded mutt-1.4.1 to 1.4.2.
2004-02-01:	Reading the users ~/.profile did not work from the
		upgrade till now because of a new system wide profile.
2004-01-27:	The server room of strg.at has been restructured: all
		machines are now located within a Rittal 19" rack.
		Downtime was quite long since reajusting the front- and
		backdoor was pain: at last it was from 23:12 to 1:50
2004-01-23:	Machine crashed again. Downtime less than an hour.
		I have no idea why after 12 days of uptime, lots of
		kernel compiling and stresstesing this is happening
		again. :/
2004-01-19:	We now have again access to a very important service:
		news. The main news server which is setup for all users
		of daemon.nethack.at - news.sil.at - is accessible via
		our IP-address.
2004-01-15:	Update: lots of programs were not working, now
		everything is back working again. I had to backport
		nethack since many players still have savegames ...
		Unfortunatly the savegames from lco and myself
		disappeared - I had to restore them from yesterdays
		backup ... which means all efforts which were made today
		are lost :( I'm sorry for this.
2004-01-15:	I'm upgrading Debian/stable to Debian/testing. Many
		programs are not currently working, this includes
		irssi, pine, etc. Please stand by, everything will work
		as usual soon.
2004-01-10:	Installed the new Linux kernel 2.4.22 with all security
		patches applied.
2004-01-09:	As it seems we have a tidy line as of 23:00 CET
		yesterday. Our backbone provider Silverserver (sil.at)
		replaced the dslam blades on wednesday 18:00 CET,
		vlanrelaying was shut down too which indeed was the true
2004-01-10:	Reboot at 14.00 CET for a new kernel!
2004-01-09:	Some steps already happened for a better line to this
		server: the dslam blades were changed, vlanrelaying was
		shut down. Silverserver, our backbone, is going to
		escalate the situation in respect of his backbone Inode.
2004-01-07:	The line from strg.at is all other than good. The backbone
		provider sil.at is investigating. For monitoring the line
		use this link: http://daemon.nethack.at/cgi-bin/smokeping.cgi
2004-01-05:	After a few very unfortunate reboots and kernel testing
		we are stuck with the old kernel. This is no good.
		Chatting with the developers from linux-mips.org did not
		lead into a stable bug-free kernel. This is a pitty.
2004-01-03:	Machine crashed at 22:36 CET. Reason unknown. Faulty RAM
		might not be the cause since I have run memory tests
		until 3:00 CET now. I rebootet using the old Linux
		kernel we used to have with the latest uptime of 250
		days. If it is not memory nor kernel but something else,
		many reasons may be the cause. I'll be investigating.
2004-01-02:	New year, new hardware :) Seriously: today I moved this
		server from the Enemy.org location to the net of
		strg.at, our new sponsor. While moving I changed the
		hardware to a more faster machine: a SGI Indigo2
		R4400SC@250 Mhz with 256 MB RAM. I installed a new
		kernel too, so we are up to the latest stable release of
		the Linux kernel. If something is not what you expected
		please mail to admin AT nethack DOT at.
2003-12-11:	Installed nethack 3.4.3. I have to wait until all have
		finished their savegames in order to activate the game
		system wide. Mainly helena and nik have good games
		running. Hurry up :)
2003-11-16:	Updated the website: I put the debian-spoiler package on
		the site.
2003-10-31:	Installed tex/latex.
2003-10-30:	New Webserver installed. We are running apache-2.0.48
2003-10-16:	Pending administrative work has been done: I finally
		renewed the server certificates for the mail system.
2003-10-13:	Our IPv6 connection is up again.
2003-09-30:	The IPv6 connection is down at the moment. Enemy.org
		changed the routers hardware and software and is
		experiencing software problems with IPv6.
2003-09-24:	This OpenSSH mess won't stop: we are running 3.7.1p2 now.
2003-09-18:	Upgraded OpenSSH to 3.7.1p1.
2003-09-16:	Upgraded OpenSSH to 3.7p1.
2003-09-11:	Pine has yet another remote security hole. Upgraded to
		4.58 and had to kill all running instances of pine,
2003-09-09:	Installed plan(1). If you want special sharing calendars
		please mail to admin(at)nethack(dot)at!
2003-09-09:	After thinking and trying out a lot of calendar programs
		(pal, ccal, cal, gcal, calendar, remind, opengroupware,
		phpgroupware, phprojekt, etc.) I came to the conclusion,
		that plan is actually the right calendaring software for
		this host. Discussions about this decision please in
		#braindead in IRC on localhost. If you want special
		sharing calendars or if the will is there to create a
		site wide calendar access, please mail to
2003-09-06:	Attention to MUTT USERS: I upgraded exim yesterday - yes,
		we use qmail here, but Debian/GNU Linux is unhappy if
		it does not have a default mailer which is deb-packaged,
		and qmail's license does not allow it to be packaged ...
		Ok, what happened is: /usr/sbin/sendmail and
		/usr/lib/sendmail were overwritten and therefore mutt was
		NOT SENDING ANY EMAIL! I apologize I realized it today,
		shame on me. Please look in your sent-mail folder to see
		which messages did not get to your recipients and send
		them again. Sorry for this inconvenience.
		All other email users should not have had any problems,
		since mutt is the only email-client which uses these
		binaries, pine for example opens up an SMTP connection.
2003-08-27:	Host was unreachable from 20:30 until 20:45. Reason is
		unknown. Probably one router crashed or was offline for
2003-07-15:	New apache: 2.0.47.
		Our IPv6 connection is up again after 11 days downtime.
2003-07-13:	Qmail died several times a day. Since this host is
		monitored by nagios for a few days now, I was informed
		about SMTP outages via SMS. I figured it would have been
		caused by the RBL enhancements and disabled that feature.
2003-07-04:	Our IPv6 connection died.
2003-06-06:	Upgraded pine to 4.56. Had to kill running instances,
2003-06-05:	Updated http://daemon.nethack.at. Better stylesheet
		IMHO. Comments to mic AT nethack.at.
2003-06-05:	Our backbone (http://www.vbs.at) was again offline.
		A software error caused by the ring-switch at Interxion
		resulted in an ethernet loop, the ring was interrupted.
2003-06-04:	Upgrade of the Enemy.org LAN from a 8port unmanaged
		netgear switch to a HP2524i (managed/speaks VLAN's/...).
2003-06-02:	The uplink to our backbone was down from 20:18 to 20:55
		because of heavy broadcasting which caused a crash on
		the Enemy.org modem.
2003-05-30:	New Apache Server installed. We are running 2.0.46 now.
2003-05-26:	Our backbone (http://www.vbs.at) was offline from
		21.30 to 24.00. There was a crash of one or more
		core router from VBS due to network flooding.
2003-05-03:	Did a big package cleanup. Packages which are compiled
		from source have a new /usr/local structure. Therefore
		please run:
		$ source /etc/profile
		in every screen terminal window. Otherwise your shell
		won't find important programs like ssh, mutt, etc.
		If you are not using bash as your login shell, look in
		/etc/profile for the PATH variable and adjust yours to
		your need.
2003-05-03:	Made a web-link for non-shell users to /etc/motd. Check
		out http://daemon.nethack.at/motd.shtml
2003-04-30:	Upgraded courier-imap/pop3 from 1.4.6 to 1.7.1. Please
		check if everythings works fine.
2003-04-27:	Ok, the real reasons why daemon stopped working
		yesterday are now clear: the machine to which
		daemon is connected via serial cable crashed and
		probably sent a break signal to daemon: that's why the
		machine was resting in prom mode.
2003-04-26:	Machine stopped working. Reasons are not clear, but I
		suppose it's because of temperature. The new disk is
		will investigate in this one.
2003-04-15:	Activated the Realtime Block List (RBL) for reducing
		spam-mails. Lists are queried from: dev.null.dk,
		relays.ordb.org and relays.osirusoft.com.
2003-04-03:	Installed the new Apache version 2.0.45.
2003-04-03:	Installed the new portable OpenSSH version 3.6.1. *g*.
		Yes, yet another new version ...
2003-04-01:	Installed the new portable OpenSSH version 3.6. It is
		now able to run fine in privilege separation code.
2003-03-31:	Something is wrong with the linux-mips.org cvs kernel
		for release 2.4.20. Obviously the kernel doesn't boot at
		all. This leads into a larger investigation by
		consulting the gurus from linux-mips@@linux-mips.org.
		Again a big thank you to Chris J. Mutter who did a
		hard reset on daemon.nethack.at.
2003-03-29:	Ok. Installed the new kernel today. The system hung. I
		was not able to escape to the prom. A hard reset was
		necessary. Thanks to Chris J. Mutter from Enemy.org
		this was done within minutes. Sorry for any
2003-03-28:	Compiled a new kernel (2.4.20), but I was not able to
		escape into the prom to boot the new one :( the
		escape keys were blocked by windows 2000 were I'm
		sitting in front of this evening. So a reboot will
		be necessary tomorrow.
2003-03-27:	Planned hard disk upgrade went smooth. Total downtime of
		daemon.nethack.at: 2 h and 25 minutes. Now every user
		has an amount of 200 mb of quota. Enjoy! :)
2003-03-27:	Planned harddisk upgrade for daemon.nethack.at. At 21:00 CET
		the machine will be shut down for an unknown amount of
		Mails for nethack.at will be queued by terminal.sil.at for
		the downtime period and delivered as soon as daemon is up.
		The new harddisk has a size of 36 gigabyte.
2003-01-30:	Reminder for medium to experienced users: Use screen :)
		Help for screen is in the following locations:
		$ less /usr/local/share/howtos/screen.txt
		$ less /usr/local/share/cd/0042-screen.txt
		$ man screen
2002-12-23:	Installed ah-tty: this is especially useful for beginner
		to medium experienced user. Just type ``ah-tty'' in your
		shell and test it out ...
		More info: http://ah-tty.sourceforge.net
2003-02-10:	International IPv6 routing works again after nearly two
		months stopping just one hop after the border router
		from Silverserver.
2003-01-27:	Upgraded pine from 4.50 to 4.53
2003-01-23:	Upgraded apache from 2.0.43 to 2.0.44
2003-01-10:	The uplink line of enemy.org has been upgraded today
		morning. Therefore also routing changed. A short
		unavailability was the result (approx. 1 1/2 hours).
		daemon.nethack.at is now connected via 2.3 mbit
		to the vienna internet exchange.
		Congrats to enemy.org :)
2002-12-17:	SqWebMail updated because of a potential security hole.
2002-12-17:	Opened up a common irc-channel for all users of
		daemon.nethack.at - if you're interested:
		$ irssi -c daemon.nethack.at -n your_nick
		[(status)] /join #braindead
2002-12-13:	Friday 13th for daemon.nethack.at. Machine died
		unexpectedly. Hard reset was necessary.
		Reason was probably the change of a network card on the
		router, since it was restarted at the same time.
		Thanks to ext3 filesystem no data loss. No mail for 
		nethack.at has been dropped: They were all stored on 
		the backup MX and are coming in right now.  
2002-12-10:	dict installed. man dict for more info.
2002-12-03:	Irssi upgraded to 0.8.6.
2002-12-03:	Pine upgraded to 4.50. Maildir Patch applied.
2002-11-14:	Running IPv6. Check out http://daemon.nethack.at/ipv6