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This server has been setup on 17. May 2002 and was at first located at the Zollergasse within the private LAN of the admin. Portforwarding was activated on the router so that the first few user could login for testing purposes. At that time this machine was a SGI Indy Mips R4600PC@100Mhz with 192 MB RAM. The system was running Debian GNU/Linux with a recent 32bit bigendian 2.4 Linux kernel.

On 7. June 2002 this server got his first public IP address. The IP-address at that time was It was first located at the serverroom of Silverserver at the Lorenz-Mandl Gasse in Vienna, Austria.

On the 12. of July 2002 it was moved to the serverroom of Enemy.org in the Badhausgasse in Vienna, Austria. It was given the IP-address In autumn 2002 the machine was given the IPv6-address 2001:858:101:1::2. Nik assembled the serial cable for headless operation.

On January the 3. 2003 daemon.nethack.at has got its own backup system. Via rsync data has got synced incrementally to the main server from strg.at. That way it was possible to restore data back 14 days in the past.

On January the 27. 2003 the old four gigabyte SCSI disk got replaced by a 36 gigabyte disk.

Finally on January the 12. 2004 the machine was transfered to the server room from strg.at at the Beingasse. The hardware was upgraded to a SGI Indigo2 Mips R4400SC@250Mhz with 256 MB RAM. The IP-address changed to The operating system did not change. Some pics were shot during the conversion: you can watch them here and here.

On August 31. 2004 the machine was transported to the office of strg.at which is located in the Stollgasse and was given the IP-address

On the 29. of April 2006 the machine was again upgraded: it is now running on a SGI O2 Mips R5000SC@180Mhz with 1 GB RAM and a 73 GB SCA disk. The operating system is still the same but it now runs a 64bit 2.6 Linux kernel. Some (mobile-)fotos can be found here

On May 25. 2006 daemon.nethack.at has got its own backup server. The original hardware - the SGI Indigo2 - was taken for this purpose. The backup software is Amanda and still enables 14 days of incremental backup.

On August 3. 2006 the machine was moved to the new air-conditioned serverroom from strg.at in the Liniengasse. Some (mobile-)fotos can be found here.

On November 14. 2006 daemon.nethack.at was provided with a second 73 GB SCA disk. The system was converted to software RAID 1 in order to achieve even more data reliability.

Since 21. December 2006 daemon.nethack.at runs on an uninterruptable power-supply (UPS).

Since the SGI O2 had hardware errors, on 16. March 2007 - first in its existance - daemon.nethack.at was ported to an i386 system.

On 17. of July the machine was "upgraded" to a new SGI O2.

Again a migration: On Saturday, the 7th of October 2007 the server was transported to the new server room from strg.at in the Hütteldorferstrasse in the 15th district of Vienna.

Yet again: On Friday, the 17th of June 2011 the server moved to the new server room in the Peter Jordan street in the 19th district of Vienna.

Okay, last one - I promise! On Monday, 27th of June 2011 daemon moved into strg.at's rack @Inode. IP address changed to

Broke my promise. On Sunday 7th of April 2013 daemon moved into strg.at's rack at the new colocation from Interxion at APA.

The SGI era ended on 23th of August 2017. The server is now a virtual machine hosted in the cloud of Conova in Salzburg

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